She Was a Warrior All Along: My debut book

Writing and publishing a book is my biggest dream realised. A gigantic well of emotion comes over me just typing this words, along with a few tears. So much pride. Not just for actually finding the courage to see it through but for all the difficult life challenges that allowed for me to have something worth writing about.

Self publishing from zero experience was such an eye opener for me. Something I never imagined I could accomplish. You really can do anything when you are passionate and determined enough to see it through. The scariest, most daunting things are often the most fulfilling and rewarding. Those are the things we should chase with reckless abandon. What’s the point of life if we don’t.

She was a warrior all along is a pouring out of emotions and making sense of experiences that have been painfully beautiful and life altering. Particularly around love. Most significantly self love. Self worth.

I hope by reading my debut offering you find not only my story but maybe pieces of yours.

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Happy reading đź“–

Lezel Simons